Reviews for Panic Point

Review from Bookish

I really enjoyed this story for so many reasons. The chapters are in easily digestible chunks which make it easy to put down and pick back up for many of you who I know like to read in 5 to 10 minute chunks here and there. The characters were relatable people with generally good personalities but inevitable flaws. The story was told from one point of view – Earl’s – which made the story easy to follow.

Most of the time I can easily predict the ending of the book and I did not see the plot twist coming in this one from an unexpected place.

Besides some slow points in this story, I did enjoy the writing style, the plot, and the characters and would be happy to pick up another one of Bill Briscoe’s books. I think we all need some mystery and action in our lives and Bill Briscoe delivers exactly that. I would recommend to fans of adult mystery novels and those who enjoy military type scenarios in books.

Review from That’s What She’s Reading

I entered into this story with a tense feeling that ultimately never seemed to loosen its grip! This was such a riveting read, especially once the mystery of why Earl's wife went missing in the first page. I'll admit that I realized early on what was coming given an early interaction between characters, but I was not disappointed in how the story played out nor in its conclusion. Short, fast-paced chapters kept the tension mounting until the very end and certainly packed a dynamic punch for such a small package!

As an Army veteran myself, I greatly appreciated the level of authenticity presented throughout the story. The men who comprise the mission team came alive on the page as examples of real life individuals I have known and/or worked with, especially Pharts, who brought some much needed humor for the team to maintain their sanity as they embarked on what could very well be a incredibly dauntless undertaking.

I was also impressed that once the team received its orders, they actually went through the process of rehearsing those steps briefed in the plan that they would use to carry out the mission. This is such an integral part of any task undertaken within the military and spoke volumes to the story's reliability, especially when using such highly specialized components of the armed forces. This definitely speaks volumes to the author's level of research and the advisers he consulted to create a believable work of fiction that could be enjoyed by a laymen and that provided the representation that service members greatly appreciate seeing reflected across all media formats.

Review from Reading By Moonlight

A great plot will often falter if the characters don’t pass muster. Good news! Both the plot and characters in Panic Point are impressive, well developed, and completely engaging. A slight injection of humor from one of the supporting characters (no spoilers because this guy is hilarious, including his name) cools the tension at just the right moments, but that doesn’t mean the story lags. In fact, the plot accelerates with each chapter as the conflict ratchets up and the mystery of Morgan’s disappearance begins to unravel, revealing a despicable scheme that must be stopped!

Bill Briscoe knows how to keep the reader on the very edge of that seat as the plot thickens and the characters jump into action, literally. Panic Point is a riptide of a story, drawing you in and refusing to let go for even one minute.

Review from The Page Unbound

There were definitely elements to this book that I wasn’t anticipating, and for that I quite thoroughly enjoyed being surprised. I thought the plot itself was so well developed. Panic Point could have easily been a movie with how well the scenes were written. 

Panic Point is perfect for those that love thrillers and action. Grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back! You’re in for quite a ride!