Official Biography of Bill Briscoe


Bill Briscoe grew up in the oil and gas refinery town of Phillips in the Texas Panhandle. Bill describes it as a perfect place to grow up. The population of four thousand people lived pretty much at the same socioeconomic level. All of the company owned homes had white asbestos siding and green composition roofs. Most everyone drove Fords or Chevy's.

After graduating from college with a Master's degree in Education, Bill spent most of his career working for a major insurance company as an agency manager and consultant.


About five years before retirement, Bill told his wife that he wanted to write a novel. He'd had an idea simmering in his head for ten years that he he thought would be an excellent story to share with the world. The result of that is Pepperman's Promise, the prequel to The Pepperman Mystery Series. 

Bill spends time enjoying various hobbies when he is not writing, including going to sports venues across the country. Bill has seen baseball games in Wrigley Field in Chicago, as well as Camden Yards in Baltimore, St. Louis and Arlington. One especially memorable trip was to South Bend, Indiana, to watch a Notre Dame football game. Bill has also attended college football games at Baylor, University of Texas, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, and The University of Oklahoma. 

Bill married his wife, Liz, in 1969. They have two daughters, Blythe and Brook, two grandchildren, Chloe and Foster. Bill constantly asks his sons-in-law Jeff and Justin to repair broken items. They say having Bill as a helper is like having no help at all.